The Age of Ai

Yes, Ai is born, happy birthday Ai, but what is it's age, if we compare to a new born ( based on what it can perform), what the age of Ai...

why it matter?..

It matters because it is irreversible development, we will age, die and reborn, but Ai won't,. so our kids and future kids will be born and learn in similar old patterns. but not Ai, once it attains a development of age of 5 yrs all it's kids (developed on it) will automatically attains 5 yrs kid knowledge at birth. So we have the right to at least know what the age of Ai is (at least compared to a new born).

A. Vision:
As a new born kids learn to recognize patterns in shapes, the learn the lines, on face, the facial features, similarly Ai has started to learn and recognize lines and patterns. and as 1-2 yrs it can now recognize the objects. though it gets confused, but it is learning very fast, some years ago it cannot tell a difference between a cat and a dog, but now it can now distinguish even species of dogs. and it's learning more and more everyday....

A.2 Function:
With this knowledge and difficult to recognize objects it's great on roads, it drives better than human drivers. Let's bet can it win a formula one race in 5-10 yrs period. Let me know do you believe in 10 yrs or 5 yr will Ai be able to win a formula one race. for those who donot believe it can will in 100 yrs please do not comment. Instead keep a track of Ai. May be it is the best thing you can do for your kids

More of this post will continue in next post.... let me know your comments and feedback

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