What is Solar Minimum

What is Solar Minimum

What is solar minimum, what effect it will create on earth. Will it effect life on earth. Can it create earth quakes? or other environmental effects on earth.?Let's discover.

The Magnetic fields in Sun flips every 11 years. Level of solar radiations and ejection of solar materials, the number and size of sunspots, solar flares, and corona loops all fluctuates from active to quite levels during the process.

These activities affects space and ground based technologies, as well as earths atmosphere. It can create climate fluctuations on earth, that can last even for centuries or longer.

Solar Minima and Solar Maxima are two extremes of the process.Where solar minimum is period of quite levels in radiations.and sunspots disappears. and corona holes can be seen for a longer time than usual. while Solar Maxima stands at the opposite end.

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