The Power of the New Year


The power of the New Year

The New Year bring with it a nutural power, which most of us fails to harness. But if we can learn to harness this natural power. It can transform our lifes

What does it brings ?

Normally if we want to bring a change in our life, like we want a different type of life, our body is not radially helpful to accept the change or not delighted to bring the change in our lives. However with New Year our bodies are ready to accept the changes. Create a New Life. A New Beginning of the Future that's to come. And So this is a big opportunity. For a Life time change or Transforming our lives

Why we fails utilize this opportunity ?

We fails to utilize this opportunity. We think that, as we are willing and excited to bring a change, the result will be immediate. We wish and life will transform like a magic and this expectation , when does not comes true ,we feel dejected, and many do what we are great at, Self Blame. Thinking we are not able to do what we thought.

What is the Solution?

Start the change, your body is ready. If we prepare it mentally that the change is going to take longer to become permanent. Change is boring, it takes longer than expected. We need to give ourself more time. Make a list but allow yourself more time to make this permanent  part of your life.

 Change  may be boring, but if we continue. We can transform our lives.

What I Don't Mean
but what i do not mean/want that if we cannot attain it. Don't self blame. Do not start to complain to yourself. You are awesome and your expression will take a little time.

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