Create your rise back story


Create Your rise back Story

Life can be hard, can through you in troubles

if you have reached a place in life and fallen from there

it's ok

but do not fall from your own self image.

Be most careful if there is no one who can hold you up.

Truly speaking no one will possibly can help you.

Rise back for society is, how much things you had and again do you have same amount of things.

but rise back can be different too.

Rise back can be

you were happy

and you can be happy again (despite having same social status or not)

You used to love yourself

and you can again love yourself again

falling does not mean you cannot love yourself again

you were not a toy for others to enjoy

you are not a film

you are real

you were not acting

your pains were real

and you deserve to love yourself


Rise back means to love yourself to same level again

to be proud of yourself to the same level

and You can do it.

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