Adobe Scripting 2 - Temporal Keyframe


To ease ease from scripting in after effects we use KeyframeEase.

So we create 
var easeIn = new KeyframeEase(0, 80);
var easeOut = KeyframeEase(0, 85);

the first in keyframe is speed and second value is influence, how much influence the key have over all animation. more towards 100 the more influence

Ease in the value at before key value, and ease out the value after key.
access the position property by
positionProp ="Position");
layer = the selected layer.

applying keyframe

We use setTemporalEaseAtKey to set ease in and out of a key,
positionProp.setTemporalEaseATKey(1, [easeIn], [easeOut])
positionProp.setTemporalEaseATKey(2, [easeIn], [easeOut])

this will create the ease in and out of two animation keys

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